These Blogs are for a University of Malta Assignment.

We have seen that the internet evolved by providing endless information through different media in the shortest possible time. This was also assisted by advances in supporting software and hardware. Initially, there was just a trend for public use of the internet and the potential impact of social media on politics was more a matter of conjecture. The good thing about the internet was that it was constantly facilitating self-expression. This facility, however, provided an opportunity for politicians as well. The subsequent involvement of political parties in social media created two…

These Blogs are for a University of Malta Assignment.

Social Media also served as a means of political activism. Not necessarily for a particular party but also to reach out to the world and become more politically active.

In 2011 a considerable number of youths took to the streets following messages by popular bloggers. The same occurred in several cities in Algeria in March 2013. Effectively social media contributed to the popular uprisings that took place in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya when these countries were responding to the Arab Spring movement. Here social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were…

These Blogs are for a University of Malta Assignment.

In our last blog we indicated that social media can be either used or abused by politicians. However, it can be seen that whilst initially most politicians were not cognisant of the potential of social media, this has now been interpreted as a means to contribute to their popularity and success.

Is the participation of politicians in social media the acceptable way forward?

Effing R. et al. (2011) have indicated that whilst initially social media did not influence voting behaviour in local elections, in the national elections the politicians with more…

These Blogs are for a University of Malta Assignment.

At the turn of the century people spent not more than 6 hours a month using online networks. Nowadays this is closer to 2 and a half hours a day. Social media is unquestionably becoming more popular — if not addictable and the range of users spans most age groups.

Social media provides information on practically everything. Consequently, who provides the information, who controls it, who consumes it and how it is distributed form part of how pirates and candidates try to forward their image and thoughts to consumers. What started as a means of normal communication between various people…

These Blogs are for a University of Malta Assignment.

Through these blogs I shall be discussing the evolution of social media and how politics has evolved with it.

What have the effects of social media been? How has this progressed through time?

What makes it tick? How is its success obliging a rethink of digital politics?

What is next?

The trend for social media with the advent of 5G is to deliver news instantly and if possible add a unique sensational touch to that particular news item. The evolution of social media has been almost radical during the last decades.

As till the 80s mass media was managed by…

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